The dance show - the biggest and best!

2017 May 20

Created by John on 22/08/2017

The annual Reflections Dance Show! May 20th 2017

Gracie loved her dancing and had been practicingfor this show all year. It was her third one, and this year it would be all three dances, ballet, tap and street if course.

She had not been well and we had been told the cancer had spread to her bones in her spine, making it difficult and painful to walk. We were due to have a single dose of Radio to her spine to try to relieve the pain, three days before the show!

We didnt have the heart to tell her, and just wemt ahead with the treatment and hoped gor the best. On the day I asked hee if she felt ok amd if she wanted to do the show. She looked at me as if i was crazy and told me in no uncertain terms she was going.

so full of Morphine, Calpol and other pain relief, she went ahead and smashed it both nights. I carried her up to the side of the stage, but once she was there, she was dancing away at the side of the stage, desperate to go on.

I still don't know how she managed it, we found out a few days later that the cancer had also spread to her knee, and the show was really the last time she was able to dance. Within a few days she couldn't walk anymore and she never recovered from this. It was like she knew this was her last chance to perform and she was going to finish with a bang! She was so brave, so determined, i am so proud of her.