Gracie and style!

2016 September 01

Created by John on 05/09/2017

Gracie developed a very specific style as she grew up. A cross between 80's pop and current street style dance wear, she was quite specific about the clothes she wore.

One thing that had to be right was her hair. After losing her hair twice, when it did start to grow back again towards the end of 2016, she was so happy. She had never really let the hair loss affect her, and was quite happy taking her hat off to show her friends that she had no hair. She was always so confident and i am so very proud of her and the way she dealt with this.

Anyway, I had forgotten that along the way she had asked me if there was a chance it would grow back pink. I said yes..... she hadn't forgotten this so when her hair came through brown, something had to be done.

Here began the love of Claire's accessories. Not only did they do a great selection of wigs, they also sold hair dye spray!

The photos say it all! My little style queen!