Celebration of Gracie's life

2017 July 04

Created by John on 21/08/2017

We held a service to celebrate Gracie, celebrate her life, tell her stories, and remember everything she managed to acheive in such a short time.

She would have approved! It was very Gracie style, with music (including Madonna and Guns and Roses) dancing (thanks to Gracies friends at Reflections) smiles and laughter. It felt like the whole of Boothstown came out to honour Gracie which we are very grateful for.

Her friends and teachers all came along, a big thank you to Mr Platt and Mr Houghton (who sang beautifully for her) Linzi and Laura ( Gracies fab dance teachers) and to Karen Owen, our vicar, for a lovely service. Even those who came to support us who hadnt met Gracie felt they really knew her thanks to the memories they shared.

Gracies friends released baloons for her outside the legion, (who very kindly helped us organise the celebration party for all Gracies school and dancing friends) We all cheered as they went up, it was a lovely thing to watch, Gracie would have trally enjoyed it.

It was exactly the day we wanted for Gracie, we really think she was there with us in some way, (definatley in the middle of the dance floor, we wouldnt expect anything less from our Gru!)

We want to thank everyone for supporting us in raising money for the oncology ward at RMCH, as a tribute for Gracie. We are overwhelmed with the response and are very grateful. Overall, we raised over £10k, which will go towards helping families who are still fighting.